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Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing? Do you want something that's more permanent? At the Advanced Laser & Wellness Centers, we offer laser light technology to safely and effectively get rid of that unwanted hair.

In order to get rid of unwanted hair, the hair follicle needs to be destroyed. Until recently, getting to the hair follicle was a tedious and difficult task since it was hidden deep in the skin. Lasers are able to get to the hair follicle by being absorbed on the surface by the hair itself. Because the hair typically has the most pigment in the human body, the laser wavelength is easily picked up by the hair and delivered via the shaft directly to the follicle. Several sessions will be needed for the best results because not all of your hairs will be growing at the same time. If enough energy is delivered to the follicle then it will disable the hair follicle and prevent it from growing any more hair. It's just that simple.

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At the Advanced Laser and Wellness Centers we have selected the Light Sheer™ and the Lumenis One™ by Lumenis. The Light Sheer, an 800nm diode laser works on a wide range of hair colors and all skin types. An innovative chilling device on the hand piece of the laser soothes and protects the skin before, during, and after the laser pulse. Considered the industry's "Gold Standard" for achieving permanent hair reduction.

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The Advanced Laser and Wellness Centers are proud to be the first facility in the Chicago area to offer The Lumenis One™. This unique device delivers a beam of intense pulsed light (IPL) through a chilled tip that diminishes the discomfort and protects the epidermis, so the light can reach the undesired hair. Rather than emitting a single wavelength, the Lumenis One uses hundreds of wavelengths of laser-light energy to better target the hair color and thus get better results. Both technologies are FDA approved for all skin types. Call today for your free consultation and start looking and feeling your best.

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